Thursday, September 25, 2008

The GPhone is available now

Google's and HTC's baby, G1, is now out. Google has officially announced the first Android phone, G1, which will be released on T-Mobile some time in early October. Its said to be one of the closest threat to the iPhone.
The G1 is available with a two year contract with T-Mobile for $179 + taxes. G1 is based on Google's very ambitious mobile operating system Android.

Nonetheless the Android operating system that powers the device, and which was designed in part by Google, looks to be full of potential, and certainly compares favourably with anything the iPhone has to offer. The promise of an Android Market, from which users can download additional software and programs for their phone, acts as a warning shot across Apple’s bows.

The G1 has a slide-out Qwerty keyboard as well as a pleasingly responsive touchscreen. It has a 3MP camera but, like the iPhone, it doesn’t have a camcorder function. G1 is 3G compatible i.e. its capable of high-speed 3G network connection for surfing the Web or downloading information quickly and effortlessly. You can easily access Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and other Google applications.

They should have called it GPhone instead of G1.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Streetread consolidates Finance and Business news

If you are one of those people who search the internet for all kind of Financial and Business news then try Streetread. This webapp will keep you updated with the latest happenings of the market.

Streetread seeks to completely eliminate the daily procedure of searching with a single-page interface that automatically gathers all of the financial headlines and data the web has to offer - and all without ever having to reload the page.

streetreadIt allows you to access different news sources like Barron's CNNMoney Forbes etc all at one place. All you got to do is to select a news source and you will be able to see all the headline links sorted by date.

After creating a free account, and loading the stock symbols you're interested in, viewing the latest headlines for a symbol or financial website is just a single click away.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Send Future Mails today with Emailfuture

Emailfuture is a web based application that can let you send emails to anyone on a future date and time. The look and feel of this small website is very attractive (atleast I felt so).

You can mail yourself reminders about a future event, anniversary, your girlfriend's or boyfriend's birthday. Send yourself a mail at the end of the day with a reminder to buy grocery or beer cans. There is a long list of activities provided on the website itself, that you can do with the help of this application.

Check out this beautiful site yourself.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some Online TV channels and Movies

Are you out of India and missing your favorite television shows? Then miss no more, just plug in your broadband and get ready to see some television action. Here are some sites that can be your savior (I have all my doubts on their legitimacy though):

  1. bhejafry : This is one of the most popular site to stream sports channels and latest hindi movies. You can also watch your favourite TV shows here including those saas bahu soaps.
  2. iDesitv : If you like to watch those news channels then this site is for you. It has all the major news channels like IBN, NDTV, CNBC and STAR. Apart from these it has some regional channels. The movie section is yet to start though.
  3. nrifun : This one is my favorite as it has some english movies apart from the TV shows, hindi movies and regional TV shows and movies. You can also watch Live cricket matches here.
  4. Muft : Being one of the oldest site in the business this site claims to be "Your #1 TV on Internet". This site has almost all TV shows in hindi and other regional languages of India. It also has videos under different categories and also latest bollywood news (all kinda gossips).
  5. Irani Chai : You can watch Hindi and South Indian movies here.
Apart from these sites there must be other good online streaming sites which you can post here if you are aware. tvdekho is also one of my fav site but its facing some legal action from STAR. We hope to see it in action very soon.

You can also find most of the popular shows on YouTube.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

YouTube's Journalism Contest - Project:Report

YouTube in partnership with Pulitzer Center has started a journalism contest - Project: Report (made possible by Sony VAIO and Intel) for non-professional, aspiring journalists to tell stories that might not otherwise be covered by traditional media.

There are three rounds of Project and in each round: Report, reporters will be given an assignment to complete. Each of these assignments gives you an opportunity to report on the important individuals, issues, and communities in your life that most people do not yet know about.

Round 1 assignment is to profile someone in your community, in three minutes or less, highlighting a story you think deserves to be heard by a wide audience. Last date to submit Round 1 video entry is by October 5 midnight EST.The panel of journalists from the Pulitzer Center will then choose 10 semi-finalists.

The assignment for Round 2 will then be announced, and the judging for this round will be opened up to the YouTube community to determine the five finalists who will move onto the third and last assignment.

Winners of each round will receive technology prizes from Sony VAIO and Intel, and the grand prize winner will be granted a $10,000 journalism fellowship with the Pulitzer Center to report on a story outside of their home country.

So if you have that journalist thing in you then just grab a camera and start rolling. 10 grands is a lot of money.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Upload photos by email in Picasa

If you dont want to install Picasa's uploader application and still like to add photos in your picasa account then there is an easier way.

Log on to your Picasa account and go into settings. Go down on the page and you will find a check box that says Allow me to upload photos by email  - check this box.
Enter a secret word and you will get your unique mail id. Now all you got to do is to send pics at this email id and thats it. This email id shouldn't be shared with others.

By default, Picasa uploads your pics to the built-in drop box albums, but you can choose your destination by entering the name of an existing album in the subject of your email.

You can attach photos upto a size of 20MB in jpg, gif and png format.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google's new baby - Google Chrome

Google's new baby, Google Chrome, is here to download. So is it like any other browser? I guess not. There are quiet a few features that catches your attention right away

  • I found chrome's looks as exciting new experiment that just shows you the tab and the address bar rather than all those old options of file, edit, history etc. Who need them anyway.
  • The address bar apart from being an address bar also acts as a text box for google search .
  • When you open a new tab, the window gives you options of most visted sites and your recent bookmarks.
  • Create shorcuts for different applications/web pages on your desktop, start menu or quick launch bar. Click on the second last option on top right that says Current the Control Page and choose Create Application Shortcuts and follow the instructions.
  • You can drag tabs out of the browser to create new windows or accumulate different windows into one.
  • Each tab thats there in a window runs independently so if one is eating all memory then you can check the culprit by right clicking on the topmost bar of the browser and selectingTask Manager.
  • If you are about to open a site that might contain a malware then Chrome will warn you.
I guess its enough of reading now. Just go and download Google Chrome and experience the difference yourself.
These simple but very powerful applications makes me a huge fan of Google.

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