Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google's new baby - Google Chrome

Google's new baby, Google Chrome, is here to download. So is it like any other browser? I guess not. There are quiet a few features that catches your attention right away

  • I found chrome's looks as exciting new experiment that just shows you the tab and the address bar rather than all those old options of file, edit, history etc. Who need them anyway.
  • The address bar apart from being an address bar also acts as a text box for google search .
  • When you open a new tab, the window gives you options of most visted sites and your recent bookmarks.
  • Create shorcuts for different applications/web pages on your desktop, start menu or quick launch bar. Click on the second last option on top right that says Current the Control Page and choose Create Application Shortcuts and follow the instructions.
  • You can drag tabs out of the browser to create new windows or accumulate different windows into one.
  • Each tab thats there in a window runs independently so if one is eating all memory then you can check the culprit by right clicking on the topmost bar of the browser and selectingTask Manager.
  • If you are about to open a site that might contain a malware then Chrome will warn you.
I guess its enough of reading now. Just go and download Google Chrome and experience the difference yourself.
These simple but very powerful applications makes me a huge fan of Google.


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