Saturday, May 31, 2008

Close your outlook from home.

You are waiting for an important mail and want to read it from home through webaccess but you fear that the mail might sink into your pst file. What are the solutions?
First solution: Go to your office close the outlook or reply to the mail if it has already arrived.
Second solution: Just send an email, to your official id, which is pre-configured to close Outlook in your machine. Sounds great, huh!! But how....
Here is the trick:

Open Notepad
Type “tskill outlook” //without the quotes
Save it as closeoutlook.bat, in a secure location

Open Outlook
Go to Tool-> Rules and Alerts
Choose “New Rule”
In the “Rules Wizard” popup choose “Start from a blank rule”. Leave the default option of “Check message when they arrive”. Click Next.
Tick “with specific words in the subject or body”.
Click on “specific words” at the window and type a text like “kindlyclosemyoutlook”.
Click Next.
In the new options pane, tick “start application”. Choose the “closeoutlook.bat” file by browsing. By default it will show only *.exe files in the browse panel. Choose all files to view your file.
Click Next and then Finish.
Voila! You are done.

Test it by sending a mail to yourself with the text “kindlyclosemyoutlook” in your mail subject or body.
Thanks Namita for the tip.

PS: While creating the rule you can give your other email address from which you are going to send the close mail, so that only mails from that address can execute the file.


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