Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Xobni - Social networking from your Outlook Inbox

Xobni(that's inbox backwards-innovative huh!) an Outlook plug-in provides a sidebar in your inbox that automatically tracks contacts and organizes emails into fully searchable threaded conversations linked back to those people.
Xobni claims to "expose the hidden social network" in your email.Xobni taps into email's hidden social network by creating information-rich profiles out of every person you have ever corresponded with by mining your email for information about them.

The Xobni software has several features, including fast email search, email analytics, automatic phone number discovery, threaded conversations, and more.
The email search is fast and begins finding the people and/or emails you're looking for as you type. A search for a contact will pull up their profile and every email where you two have corresponded...in 0.3 seconds.

A Xobni profile is created for every person you've emailed with and is displayed on the right side of Microsoft Outlook inside the Xobni sidebar. Each profile displays relationship statistics, contact information, related people, threaded conversations, shared attachments, and the author of the message you are currently looking at.
I am yet to try out Xobni on my outlook. You can download Xobni from here. Catch Xobni on YouTube.


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