Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Search Images with Picitup - New Visual Search Engine

When it comes to Search Engines Google is the first word that comes to our mind. There a lot of minor players looking to make a dent in search engine technology. One of the yet to be conquered fields in search includes image search. Visual recognition in search is a prominent breakthrough and whoever can do it with the most accuracy and efficiency has much to gain. Picitup has now entered in this area with its Image Search Engine. It’s a visual search engine, that like so many other search engines, piggybacks off of Google or Yahoo and begins with a textual search. Simply enter your query in the search bar, and Picitup will show the results from one of the two. You can filter searches by clicking Similar Pictures under the picture of your choice or filter by Color, Landscapes, Products and Faces. For fun, you can toss in a picture of you and your closest friends and play Celebrity Matchup—see which celebs you resemble most. Picitup is now in public beta. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

A new version has arrived from www.picitup.com
It features a better engine, Image Search on Yhaoo, Flickr, and google's Picasa.
A search by creative common licesnse,
Search by shapes, Search by layout and Search by size.

There is also a favorite section which allows you to save the picture that you love and an a full visual history for your search.
Check it out - http://www.picitup.com

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