Monday, June 9, 2008

Are Emails Environment Friendly?

I was just surfing the channels on my TV when I heard that email are not actually environment friendly. I was quiet puzzled after listening this and then I tried putting in some thoughts and googling about power consumption during mail transfer.
Did we ever think what goes into sending an email from one computer (actually mail id) to other computer? Lets have a check on this.

When we send an email we use some energy and then there are these mail servers that stores your mails. These servers again requires temperature control systems which in turn requires transportation from their manufacturing plant to the installation location. Ofcourse computers, servers are also manufactured and transported.
In a study done by Information Week it was revealed that in US only the power consumption in 2005 for servers and related equipment in data centers was equivalent to about five 1,000-megawatt power plants, or your 5 typical nuclear or coal power plants. Globally its around 15 power plants. Damn!! thats kinda huge.

Now this raises some other questions:
1) What do we do or are we doing our bit to make environment green?
2) Can some energy be saved if we delete our mails regularly rather than storing them forever?
3)Is it possible to use solar energy for these mail servers?

I dont have the answers of the above questions (must be lot many in reader's minds) as of now but I do know one thing that I can help make environment green by:
1) planting at least one tree a month, that doesnt cost much
2)saving electricity wherever and whenever possible, probably by switching off my computer when I am away from it
3)saving water
4)making people realize about our environment.

Let me know if you can share some more toughts on this.


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