Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bill Gates set to leave Microsoft

Microsoft is sure to witness a major event on 27 June 2008 when Bill Gates, founder, will leave his dream baby. Probably he will continue with his social service activities. As Microsoft's biggest shareholder, Gates will remain chairman and work on special technology projects. His 8.7 percent stake in Microsoft is worth about $23 billion.
I just got some interesting facts about Microsoft; thought I will list here.

Important Dates



Microsoft founded

Jan. 1, 1979

Microsoft moves from Albuquerque,
New Mexico to Bellevue, Washington

June 25, 1981

Microsoft incorporates

Aug. 12, 1981

IBM introduces its personal computer
with Microsoft's 16-bit operating
system, MS-DOS 1.0

Feb. 26, 1986

Microsoft moves to corporate
campus in Redmond, Washington

March 13, 1986

Microsoft stock goes public

Aug. 1, 1989

Microsoft introduces earliest
version of Office suite of productivity

May 22, 1990

Microsoft launches Windows 3.0

Aug. 24, 1995

Microsoft launches Windows 95

Dec. 7, 1995

Bill Gates outlines Microsoft's commitment
 to supporting and enhancing the Internet

June 25, 1998

Microsoft launches Windows 98

Jan. 13, 2000

Steve Ballmer named president and chief
executive officer for Microsoft

Feb. 17, 2000

Microsoft launches Windows 2000

June 22, 2000

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer outline
Microsoft's .NET strategy for Web

May 31, 2001

Microsoft launches Office XP

Oct. 25, 2001

Microsoft launches Windows XP

Jan. 15, 2002

Bill Gates outlines Microsoft's commitment
to Trustworthy Computing

Nov. 7, 2002

Microsoft and partners launch Tablet PC

Jan. 16, 2003

Microsoft declares annual dividend

April 24, 2003

Microsoft launches Windows Server 2003

Oct. 21, 2003

Microsoft launches Microsoft Office System

July 20, 2004

Microsoft announces plans to return up to
$75 billion to shareholders in dividends
and stock buybacks

June 15, 2006

Microsoft announces that Bill Gates will
transition out of a day-to-day role in the
company in July 2008, Ray Ozzie is named
chief software architect and Craig Mundie
chief research and strategy officer

July 20, 2006

Microsoft announces a new $20 billion tender
offer and authorizes an additional share-
repurchase program of up to $20 billion
over five years

Jan. 30, 2007

Microsoft launches Windows Vista and
the 2007 Microsoft Office System to
consumers worldwide


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