Sunday, July 6, 2008

Video Ad Units from Adsense

Google has partnered with Broadbandtv , Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The Orchard to let AdSense publishers embed their videos and share in the ad revenue. The Adsense says that to choose any of these content providers for your video unit, you should get their YouTube username by visiting their YouTube channel, and then put this username into the "Channel" field when choosing content for your unit. The video units will be provided in two publisher friendly units - 728x90 and 160x600.
The two new formats will feature five video thumbnails - when a user clicks on one of the thumbnails, a full sized video unit will appear, along with accompanying ads



The earnings will be generated for valid clicks or impressions on the ads which appear.
Adsense says that publishers can start using these units but I couldn't see any such option in my account.


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Bizztra Feed