Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Google seeks in future young Nooglers.....

The new employees at Google are called Nooglers and Google has some suggestions for aspiring Nooglers. The top most thing that Google looks for in a candidate is their non-routine problem solving skills. According to Google "the non-routine problems offer the opportunity to create competitive advantage, and solving those problems requires creative thought and tenacity".

One example that google gives is designing a spell-checker for the Google search engine. The routine solution would be to run queries through a dictionary. The non-routine, creative solution is to use the query corrections and refinements that other users have made in the past to offer spelling suggestions for new queries.

The factors that Google considers while recruiting someone are:

  • analytical reasoning
  • communication skills
  • a willingness to experiment
  • team players
  • passion and leadership
So all you wannabe Nooglers just dont hesitate in trying out something new and try to think out of the box. Read the full article here.


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